Matcha Flower Latte

rich, sweet, floral, energizing matcha latte.


  • 2 scoops of matcha
  • hot water (can fill 3/4 of your mug)
  • dairy free milk of choice (to top it off)
  • edible flowers of choice or tea


  1. get a small bowl and a tea strainer above it. add the scoops of matcha into it until the powder comes out finely. (if you don’t have this, do not worry. it helps get out clumps but also not a huge deal).
  2. pour water into a pot and bring to a simmer. pour into bowl. put the flowers or tea into a tea ball. let steep and remove. then pour this in the bowl with matcha and whisk with a bamboo whisk (alternatively use a fork, the key to get out clumps and hot water helps this).
  3. pour the green liquid into the mug. top it off with dairy free milk. add more petals to garnish (optional).


I especially notice that mysterious mountain floral taste with the rose petals!

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